Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For you LA-ers out there...listen up!

The other night, while roaming the streets of Silver Lake, my friend Robin and I stumbled (not the drunk kind...at least not at that point in the night) on Local, a new healthy and delicious restaurant.  Like the name implies, all the food is sourced locally.  And even better yet, their food is sustainable, seasonable, AND organic!  Oh boy...

While their menu may look small, they have a diverse selection of carnivore and vegetarian selections.  And for those of you in the mood for something light or to go...there is a well stocked salad bar (think Whole Foods...and yes, then also have those biodegradable take-home boxes).

And the drinks...all the kombucha you can drink!  Or, bring a bottle of your own wine.

Overall, great place to grab a bite with friends and soak up the laid-back Silver Lake vibe.

LA, 90026
Between N Vendome St. and Reno St.

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